What do you want future tech to bring to photography?

I admit I've been suckered into the iPad world recently and one of the apps I've installed allows me to connect my iPhone and iPad so that I can control the iPhone camera from the iPad.

Now this got me thinking, how about being able to control my DSLR from my iPad with a nice big screen, touch focussing, control of settings, wouldn't that be cool?

Well, this got me to thinking about other things I would really like to see.

1) a new more ergonomic shape for DSLRs - we don't need to follow the old film shape for cameras the technology has all changed now. Furthermore, now our cameras are taking videos we need something that is friendly to both formats.

2) why cant photoshop and all the others find faces for me automatically? As a portrait shooter I want to be be able to select skin, eyes, teeth, lips by a one click button. Now if cameras can do smile detection then face selection ought to be easy.

3) followed by face recognition. I take a bunch of shots of some event wouldn't it be great if they were all recognised and tagged ready for Facebook etc.

4) there has to be a better way of making lenses these days. Just think about the simple eyeball capable of handling all light conditions and focussing over a huge range of distances With modern materials tech I would think we ought to be close to reproducing that.

5) other scanning frequencies.... Imagine a regular photo, but with a radar (or laser) scan that includes all the depth information, you'd could manipulate depth of field to your hearts content afterwards. Also you could create perfect cut-outs just based on the distance of the subject.

6) as a near permanent studio user I of course get images where I'm shooting faster than the flash recycles and get the dreaded dark frame. Why can none of the image managers find 'em and tag 'em.

7) and related to this, why not tag other defects, over exposure, blinks, faulty colour. All of this stuff should be easy to spot.

8) and if it comes to that, why not autocorrect compositions. Auto square to the frame. Adjust the image to rule of thirds, give it a Dutch tilt. So, what would you like to see? What new feature would boost your artistry or workflow?

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