AOP part 56: Stark Portrait

style shiny reflections lights latex Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photographyAs soon as I saw this outfit it was obvious that the softer window light we had been working with just was not going to be appropriate for the style. It was time to setup with the singe studio strobe I had brought.

Now, normally for latex (or indeed any shiny object) you want to bring in as many lights as you can to get as many reflections as possible.

You would still run with one main light and the others are turned quite low, so they do not act as fill lights but as highlight reflections on the shiny surface. A good trick is to add some colour gels to them as well to add interest.

All well and good, but one light was all I had. So I went for a bare bulb and kept the light a good distance from Maja. From this I achieved two things.

Firstly, it kept the overall illumination down, so I could open up to f5 and still get some reflected light from windows registering. The window light also gave me a little fill light.

Secondly (and most importantly) it gives me the really crisp shadows that I thought were important for the style of the shoot. The hard light would work well with the hard contrasts from black latex to light skin tones.

Maja stina model, style shiny reflections lights latex Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

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