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theme slightly gives centre bodies Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography


Time and again I find models saying how they don't feel attractive or have one or many defects in their bodies. I can only sit there and objectively say they have stunning bodies. However, body image is rarely objective.

For whatever reasons, we have programmed our girls and women to be critical of themselves and to compare themselves against impossible to achieve body shapes.

At different times and in different ways I have approached this theme with a long-term view to producing a book about body image and modelling. In the next few pages we shall look at some examples around this theme.


The simple direct, slightly overhead lighting and a very functional monochrome finish gives the final shot a starkness and reality.

You will notice that the figure is slightly off-centre. This crop was applied afterwards in post processing. The original image was centred. However, this left the picture very flat, lacking in dynamic. The slight shift off-centre gives an awkward unbalanced feeling to the image.


There is no "pose" in this image, though actually it was setup and tweaked to get exactly the right effect (particular the position of the hands relative to the body and the overall body posture).

theme slightly gives centre bodies Simon Q. Walden,, sqw, FilmPhoto, photography

This is an excerpt from "Art Nude Photography Explained" which shows you how to create nude images and how to read and evaluate art nude photographs

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